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5 Best free online Audio editors in 2023


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We like so many musics, audio, songs. In that particular part we like much and we want to use that as notification tone or ringtone. Or there might be a cases where you want to edit the audio files for projects or whatever it is.

To do these, you need not to have big powerful system with paid music editors.

You can do this with freely available online editors or there are best free audio editing apps available for Android, iphone and Windows.

We reviewed about Lexis audio editor which is currently the best free audio editing app for Android.

In this post we are going to present you the list of five best free online audio editors.

Let’s dig in!

List of five best online audio editors

  1. TwistedWave Audio Editor Online
  2. Bear Audio Tool
  3. Hya-Wave
  4. Audacity Audio Editor Online
  5. Beautiful Audio Editor

TwistedWave Audio Editor Online

TwistedWave is the most popular audio editor available for Mac and iOS. Despite of its support to Mac and iOS, it’s available as free online audio editor as well as the audio recording tool.

Though the online version is free, its almost provides all the audio editing features available in desktop version.

It provides the host of VST effects along with major audio editing options such as amplify, pitch, speed, sampling rate conversion, normalize and more. And it’s supports various audio formats like wav, AIFF, FLAC, caf, mp3 etc.


  • Supports VST effects and other core audio editing features like amplify, normalize, pitch, speed, sample rate conversion.
  • Supports various audio formats like wav, AIFF, FLAC, caf, mp3 and much more.
  • Edited audio can be exported to Google drive or sound cloud.


  • It supports only editing of mono audio with 5 mins in length. Paid subscription is required to remove this limitation.
Twistedwave audio editor online

Bear Audio Tool


Bear Audio Tool is one of the HTML 5 based best free online audio editors. It’s specialty lies in feature that the audio can be edited without uploading it to their server.

Also it allows you to record audio and provides audio editing features like trim, cut, rearrange, fade, cut, delete, redo, undo and much more.

Bear Audio Editor has the inbuilt library of copyright free audio which can be used and its has the facility to import the audio directly from YouTube url for editing.


  • Audio can be edited without uploading.
  • Free inbuilt library of copyright free music.
  • Direct import and audio editing from YouTube url.
  • Import formats supported – MP3, WAV, OGG. Export formats supported – WAV, MP3, M4R, OGG, AAC, WMA.
Bear Audio editor online
Bear audio editor – video preview


Hya-Wave is the simple, straightforward, intuitive UI based online audio editor.

Its designed to edit short audio samples by importing audio from local or recording from browser.

It provides 18 audio editing effects and filters including feedback, delay, cut, copy, trim, mix and much more.


  • Simple, straightforward and intuitive UI.
  • 18 audio editing effects and Filters.
  • Audio preview feature enables to customise before applying the filters.
Hya Wave audio editor online

Audacity Audio Editor Online


Audacity is the another most popular and best free online audio editor in our list. It’s easy to use and multiple operating system supported open source audio editor.


  • Provides audio editing features like cut, crop, copy, delete, undo, redo and much more.
  • Audio resampling can be done at high quality.
  • Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit audio formats.
  • Supports LV2 , LADSPA, VST, Nyquist and audio unit effect plug-ins.
  • Realtime preview of audio effects.
  • Edit audio editing of live audio recording or digital recording from other sources.
Audacity Audio Editor online

Beautiful Audio Editor

Beautiful audio editor is the another free online audio editor which can handle up to an hour of audio time.

It supports various audio files types for editing and allows you to save directly in Google drive.

It provides multi track editing capability with the option to adjust each track level from complete silence to as loud as 6 decibels.


  • Multi track audio editing feature.
  • Option to create audio envelope.
  • Various audio editing effects.
Beautiful audio editor online

Which is the best free online audio editor?

Hope you liked our list of best free online audio editors. Almost all the editors are giving the expected audio editing capabilities with free of cost.

In these list of free online audio editors, we recommend Bear Audio editor tool compared to others as it provides the capability to edit without uploading, copyright free inbuilt library, import audio directly from YouTube url and almost all audio editing effects.

Let us know in comments if you feel any other free online audio editors which we missed to add in our list. Thanks!

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