5 best offline Scrabble games for Android

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Last updated : May 15, 2020

Scrabble is one of the classical and popular word game played across 2 to 4 players.

Players will be provided with 15*15 board with the letter tiles to play the game.

Players should play the Scrabble with the letters given to create words in crossword fashion.

Words created are considered to be eligible only when it is available in the provided standard dictionary.

Bonus tiles:

Each letter is provided with the score in it. Whenever player put on the tile score will be calculated.

Other than this board will be provided with the notation of DL – double letter, DW – Double word, TL – triple letter, TW – triple word.

Notations are straight forward to understand. When the words are formed and placed over the board, score will be calculated with the tile value and bonus tile(if letter is placed in bonus tile).

At the end, player will highest scores wins the battle.

Thanks to technology. Now the many Scrabble games are available in play store for Android.

You can connect with your Facebook friends or random people over online to play.

Now the question comes out? Is there any way to play Scrabble offline in Android?

Absolutely yes! We have personally tested and presenting you the list of 5 best offline Scrabble games for Android.

Let’s explore more!!!

List of 5 best offline scrabble games for Android:

Now tell me, isn’t Scrabble game exciting you? Don’t you wanna give a shot from your Android phone?

Here is the list of five best offline scrabble games for Android.

Wordster – Offline Scramble Words Friends Game:

Wordster is one of the top pick offline Scrabble word game developed by Gamesters. You will be playing with your system as the opponent for the better experience. If making crossword and playing scrabble is your interest then this will be definitely a top pick for you.


  • Play up to 20 games simultaneously.
  • Dictionary is provided with more than 10000 words.
  • Free to play and offline mode of playing.
  • 6 different difficulty levels – Beginner,Average,Good,Proficient,Master, Expert.
  • You can setup the Bonus point in four modes – Thatch,Diamond,Cross,Alternate.
  • Different achievement level which motivates player to play more.


  • Contains ads.
  • System opponent is good, but not that much competitive after some point.


Wordster details & Download:

CrossCraze FREE - classic word game

CrossCraze is an free classic Scrabble themed word game developed by ORT software. Unlike other games, its never lacked with customization options and also graphics are not heavy weight. For Scrabble lovers who loves best look and feel, this game would be a definite choice.


  • Available in 9 different languages : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish.
  • You can swipe on the word to see the definition of the word.
  • 28 board layouts available for customisation. Out of which 4 is available in free version.
  • 12 different board styles available for customisation. Out of which 5 is available for free version. You are even allowed to edit the colors as per your taste.
  • 2 different game mode of playing. Classic mode and tile stacking mode.
  • You need to worry about smartness of the computer by comparing your level of competency. You can set up to 10 difficulty level as per your wish.
  • One remarkable feature is you are allowed to override the default word list using flexible vocabulary option.
  • Hints option helps you to find the best word with the available letters at difficult times. Number of hints you want in the game is also configurable.
  • You can sort the letters either alphabetically or Vowels or consonants based. Just a double tap is enough to scramble your words.


  • We didn’t find much cons in this game as it delivers what it has to without any compromise. But only considerable cons we found is it contains ads in free version.


CrossCraze details & Download:

Classic Words Solo:

It is one the best Scrabble game with very less flaws for the offline Scrabble game lovers.

Classic word Solo offers many cool features along with multi language and multi difficulty level support.

With less eye catching graphics, it really focused on what it has to deliver.


  • 6 different difficulty levels : very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, extremely Hard.
  • 7 Available Languages : English (SOWPODS 2019, TWL 2014), Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Polish.
  • You can see the definition of the word by swipping accross. Good way to learn new words with meaning.
  • Board will get auto zoomed upon placing the game which increases comfort for the player.
  • You the save the current game progress and return to it whenever required.


  • Contain Ads.

Features of Classic solo premium:

  • Themes : To get the dark mode version you can pay 79 Rupees.
  • Pay 380 rupees and download classic word plus to enjoy the following premium features.
  • Remove ads
  • Teacher mode to practice and learn new words.
  • Independent developer support.
  • 2 player mode in same Android device. Instead of Mobile as an opponent you can have your friend next to you as a opponent.

Classic word solo details & Download:

Classic word Solo details & Download:

Video overview of classic word solo by Softwarebottle:

Wordmeister - Offline Solo Words Friends Game

Wordmeister is an next best offline Scrabble game in our list.

It offers the cool playing features to play Scrabble in offline against computer as the opponent.

Other than this it’s follows the normal rules of Scrabble game. If you looking for the Scrabble game with some cool feature like themes and playing as different characters in offline, then it’s one of our recommend option.


  • Multiple themes and different characters are available.
  • You can earn coins to unlock the themes and character. You can earn coins by either playing or by winning the game.
  • No annoying advertisements.
  • Available in three languages : English, German and French.
  • Good on page design. Show all possible details. For example game panel shows how the scores are calculated for each turn of the player.


  • No multiple games can be played simultaneously.
  • Board size in the screen is so small. Player has zoom in and zoom out at sometimes to place or replace the tile.
  • There is no current state saving available in the game. In case of player goes out of the game in between accidentally or to check any other things, current game progress is lost.


Wordmeister details & Download:

Word Master

Wordmaster is another best variation of offline Scrabble game in our list with the package of powerful customization and difficulty levels. It follows the usual rule of Scrabble game with your own rules of customization to add more personalized experience. Even with more customization, wordmaster didn’t complicate the graphics of the game.


  • Available in 11 languages : English,French,Portuguese,German,Spanish,Italian,Dutch,Norwegian,Romanian,Greek,Catalan.
  • Four difficulty levels : Easy, Medium, Hard, Master.
  • Even we can set the game length with following three options : 10 turns, 12 turns and End of bag.
  • 9 custom board setup : Classic,Clover, Diamond(Pro),Maze(Pro), Scattered (Pro),Mosaic(Pro), Flower(Pro), Randomize(Pro),Blank(Pro).
  • You can play with computer as an opponent or with your friend as an opponent in the same Android device.
  • Exciting challenge mode is available where you will earn more points when you create the best closer possible words.
  • Increase your vocabulary by knowing the definition of the words by just swiping across.
  • When you feel, computer is playing some rare words you are allowed to block those words from usage.


  • Contain Ads. It can removed by going for pro version.

Pro version features:

  • Remove ads
  • Additional 7 board layouts
  • Hint mode : Valid words appears over the rack when the tiles are moved to create the word.


Word master details & Download:

Final Words:

Hope you would have enjoyed these lists of best offline scrabble game for Android. In case, if you have some other favorite game other than these five let us know in the comments. Happy scrabbling!  

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