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Best SMS app for Android in 2023


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In this post we are going to discuss the best SMS app for Android – Microsoft SMS organizer.

Though we have so many online messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc.., still the use of text messaging is not gone.

We chose to review Microsoft SMS organizer not only because its a best SMS app for Android also the best app with SMS organizing features, better security and much more.

If you have already used Microsoft SMS organizer, want to explore other text messaging apps then here is the top 5 best text messaging apps for Android.

Let’s dig in to the in-depth Microsoft SMS organizer review!

How to install and setup Microsoft SMS organizer?

Here is the step by step guide to install and setup Microsoft SMS organizer on your Android phone.

  • Once installed, open the app. Once you open the app, the first thing shown will be about the security provided by the app. For your question “Is Microsoft SMS organizer safe”, answer from Microsoft is “Your messages will be secure, They will not interact with the cloud in any way”. Click on continue to proceed.
  • You need to set Microsoft SMS organizer as the default SMS app. A pop up will appear to set SMS organizer as default SMS app, click on YES to continue.
  • To use Microsoft SMS organizer, your phone number will be your account identity. So, you need to enter your phone number to continue.
  • You need to verify your phone number. Enter the OTP received on your phone number.
  • You need to setup the text messages backup option in this step. If you already used SMS organizer in some other mobile, you can restore the already stored backups. Else you can set up the Google drive account to which your backup should go. Also you can setup the backup frequency whether it should be manually, daily, weekly or monthly. This is an optional step, you can skip for now and set it up later in settings > Backup & Restore.
  • Sit back and relax. Microsoft SMS organizer will start organizing text messages on your Android phone. Once done, it will show the stats how the text messages are organized.

Sections of SMS organizer


This is default page of the SMS organizer. Here you can access your organized text messages placed across different categories. Basically text messages will be organized as following sections : Messages (Detailed classification of this section we will see below), Reminders, Finance, offers. Other than this we will see the create new SMS bubble button, search icon to search messages and three dots at the top right corner to access the settings.



Messages are broadly categories into four categories : Personal, Transactions, Promotions, Starred.

  • Personal : This section contains the organized SMS from Friends, Family and other messages which are considered to be personal text messages.
  • Transactions : This section contains the organized SMS which are transactional like bank transaction SMS, online purchase transactions, etc. Simply messages which contains money transaction details.
  • Promotions : Absolutely there are countless number of promotional SMS which are flooding the inbox nowadays. Sometimes they are important sometimes not. But why to allow them mix with our personal messages. Microsoft SMS organizer filtered those promotional text messages and kept under this tab.
  • Starred : There are some messages which we will feel so important. At times, when we need those it will be hectic to scroll all the way to the relevant chat and find that message. In such cases we have option to star those messages to mark it as starred. All those starred messages will appear in this starred section.


There are so many reminder text messages reaching our inbox daily like electricity bill reminders, Internet bill reminders, Gym class reminders, booked movie reminders and much more. Not only reminder messages, also when we order some product online we get text messages regarding those orders.

Microsoft SMS organizer is smart enough to categorise those reminder and order SMS under this reminder section. You can not only the upcoming reminders, also you can see the past reminders and orders as long as you messages are not deleted.



This section is one of the best features that will make you to feel Microsoft SMS organizer is the best Android app to organize text messages.

From your transactional messages, SMS organizer is smart enough to categorize your bank accounts and other accounts which holds transactions. In each account, SMS organizer will segregate the transactions into three sections All, credits and Debits. You can easily view what you have spent, how much you have spent, how much you have received from where and whom.

But aren’t you worried about your security? What if someone access your text messages and can see all your transactions. As I already told, Microsoft SMS organizer is completely safe and secure. You can enable security for finance section in settings. Once enabled only after your authentication anyone can see this messages.

Also there is show balance toggle button at the top of the finance section. If its disabled, amount across each section will not be shown it will be hidden.

These two features are completely enabling security from others accessing your transactional messages.


Nowadays book restaurant, hotels, cabs and much more online. Ideally we are exposing our mobile numbers everywhere. So we are getting so many offer or coupon code SMS daily. Yes, those are beneficial many times. But what if this beneficial message go unnoticed.

Don’t worry, Microsoft SMS organizer segregate those message in offers section. In this section you can easily view all the offer SMS received. One step deeper, SMS organizer will sub-categorise those message as bills, Food, Travel, Shopping, Events and others.

Create new message bubble button


There are so many online chat applications like WhatsApp, Skype and much more came. Recently due to privacy issues, we are searching for best WhatsApp alternatives too. But mobile SMS don’t have these security issues.

Yaay! am too living in this century only. I can’t tell you should use text messages instead of online chat applications.

But there are so many occasions we need to use text messages to chat. As Microsoft SMS organizer being a default SMS application in your Android, it gives you easy bubble button to create new message.

But there are so many cool features available in this Microsoft SMS organizer.

  • You can use voice assistant to create message instead of typing.
  • You can set reminders while creating the messages.
  • You can sent attachments like photos, contacts.

Search messages

This is the common feature in any chat application. But though its common its mandatory. Search icon is placed on top right corner of the application. You can just tap and search for the chat to access instantly.

Microsoft SMS organizer Settings


Settings is placed on the top right corner of the Microsoft SMS organizer as vertical three dots.

Upon clicking three dots under messages section you can see the following options:

  • Mark all as Read
  • Refresh Messages
  • Archive
  • Blocked
  • Invite friends
  • Feedback
  • settings

Upon clicking three dots under reminders section you can see the following options:

  • Refresh Cards
  • Add Reminders
  • Show Past Reminders
  • Show Past orders
  • Feedback
  • settings

Upon clicking three dots under finance section you can see the following options:

  • Refresh Cards
  • Feedback
  • settings

Upon clicking three dots under offers section you can see the following options:

  • Refresh Offers
  • Share
  • Feedback
  • settings

From the above list most of settings under each category is common. Let’s see each options.

Mark all as Read

This option will help to read all the unread messages instead you go to each chat to make it as read.


In each section there is refresh option. On tap of this option, Microsoft SMS organizer will refresh and reorganize the messages under that section.


This option will take to you to look at the archived messages.


There are situation where you might have blocked some contacts. Might be some unknown numbers, friends numbers for some timely clashes or spam numbers. This option will help you to take a look on those blocked contacts and unblock if required.

Invite friends

Upon clicking option you can invite your friends to use Microsoft SMS organizer.


With this option, you can send feedback to Microsoft regarding SMS organizer for improvments, bug fixes.

Add Reminders

With this option under reminder category, you can add new reminders easily.

Show Past Reminders/Show Past orders

With this option under reminder category, you can see Past Reminders and Past orders.


From this option, you can access the Microsoft SMS organizer application settings to customize the SMS organizer.

  • App status : This option shows the app status whether its set as Default SMS app or not
  • General : This provides the various general settings of the SMS organizer to set the signature, Language, Font size, time format, delete account option and much more.
  • Backup & restore : You can setup Google drive backup option, backup frequency, restore existing backups from here.
  • Message rules : You can set various automatic message rules like Delete older OTP messages, promotional messages, blocked messages to automatically free up your inbox from unwanted messages.
  • Notifications : Setup which kind of messages you want notifications and which you don’t want.
  • Group messaging : Choose what should happen when group messaging is done. You can set either replies go to everyone or only to you.
  • Swipe actions : Choose what should happen when you swipe left or swipe right.
  • Theme : You can set different coloured themes for your message box from here.
  • Show offers tab : Choose either you want to see offers tab or not.
  • Enable security for Finance : Choose whether you need your authentication to access your finance messages or not.
  • Show quick replies : Choose whether you need SMS organizer to show quick replies for the messages or not.
  • About : This shows the information about the SMS organizer application.

Microsoft SMS organizer review by Softwarebottle

UI design and User experience

UI of the Microsoft SMS organizer is simple and light weight. You have option to select the different color themes as per your wish.

Coming to user experience, required options are placed properly to give the best user experience. You need not to make so many taps to reach to the place where you want.

We would recommend SMS organizer to add trash box to save the deleted SMS for some specific days. So that user can restore it in case if some text messages deleted accidently. And when we saw some users reported OTP receiving issues when SMS organizer is selected as default app.

Softwarebottle rating for Microsoft SMS organizer UI design and User experience : 4.8/5



Microsoft SMS organizer supports the Android devices running from 5.0 and up.

Is Microsoft SMS Organizer safe?

As we already told, Microsoft SMS organizer is completely safe and secure application because of following reasons.

  • Its not storing any of your messages in cloud, all your messages will be in your device. Only backup will be take to Google drive you specified.
  • It provides enabling security option to access your finance messages.
  • Toggle button to show balance or not in your finance section.
  • Last but not least this app is from the tech giant Microsoft, so its completely reliable.

Softwarebottle rating for Microsoft SMS organizer security : 5/5

Useful Notifications


Instead of sending annoying notifications, SMS organizer sends some useful notifications to make our life easy.

Cool Features

There are different cool features provided by SMS organizer as SMS app like setting reminders, voice message typing, finance passbook creation from messages, tracking orders, viewing offers and much more.

Microsoft SMS organizer – video preview

App details

  • App name : SMS Organizer – Clean, Reminders, Offers & Backup
  • App developed by : Microsoft Corporation
  • App size : 16 MB
  • Play store rating : 4.4/5
  • Downloads : 1M+

Is Microsoft SMS organizer best SMS app for Android?

We are now in the conclusion part of this Microsoft SMS organizer review.

Let’s take a look on the brief pros and cons of Microsoft SMS organizer to decide whether SMS organizer is the best SMS app for Android or not?


  • Best UI, design and user experience.
  • Compatible with all the Android devices running on version 5.0 and up.
  • Best security features.
  • SMS organizing is done perfectly as what is intended to do.


  • Some users reported OTP notification issues. Let us know if you are facing anything in comments. Other than we really don’t find any disadvantages as the app is perfectly working.

By looking at the pros and cons, its obvious that SMS organizer is definitely as best SMS app for Android.

Please let us know in comments regarding your experience with SMS organizer.

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