Top 5 Best text messaging apps for Android in 2021


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In today’s world of phone era, text messaging is the best and conventional way to communicate with people.

The default text messaging/SMS app gives the basic functionalities. But there are bunch of best text messaging apps for Android available in Play store which gives much more customization, security and more cool features.

In this post, we are going to see the top 5 best text messaging apps for Android this year and going to select the best sms app out of it.

Let’s Dig in.

If you are much concerned about the WhatsApp privacy then here is best alternatives for WhatsApp.

List of 5 best SMS apps and text messaging apps for Android

  1. Microsoft SMS Organizer
  2. Handcent Next SMS
  3. Pulse SMS
  4. Google Messages
  5. Signal Private Messenger

Microsoft SMS Organizer

Microsoft SMS organizer is the top best SMS/text messaging app for Android in our list. Its a Microsoft garage project which automatically provides a best SMS organizing features along with customization and security as priority.

With its clean message segregation feature, only the necessary messages are shown and others are placed in proper category. 

By taking your bank messages, it displays as like bank passbook which will be very easy to track your expenses and gives you the option to enable security to access that section like biometric, password or pattern. Also the promotion, orders and bookings text messages are organized properly which enhanced the best user experience.


  • Best UI, design and user experience.
  • Compatible with all the Android devices running on version 5.0 and up.
  • Best security features.
  • SMS organizing is done perfectly as what is intended to do.
  • Provides best features like live train schedules, clear segregation of text messages based on category, Automatic reminders, Auto backup, SMS customization features,  multiple themes and best is all these features works offline.


  • Some users reported OTP notification issues. Let us know if you are facing anything in comments. Other than we really don’t find any disadvantages as the app is perfectly working.

Microsoft SMS organizer app screenshots

App details and download

Microsoft SMS organizer:

Rating: 4.4/5
Price : Free
Downloads: 1M+

Handcent Next SMS


Handcent Next SMS is the one of the popular best text messaging apps for Android in our list.

This text messaging app is available for Android almost from so long days. It provides much SMS customization features along with support of stickers, emoji and much more.

One noticeable feature of Handcent SMS app is it allows you to sent text messages from PC as well.


  • Emoji and Stickers support
  • Highly SMS customization features.
  • Features to send SMS from multiple devices like computers as well.
  • Privacy box feature to keep your conversations secure.
  • Provides features like MMS, Pop up text, Wear OS support, SMS blocker and blacklisting and option to stick favorite messages on top.


  • SMS organizing is as not good as Microsoft SMS organizer.
  • Bit laggy in older devices.

Handcent Next SMS app screenshots

App details and download

Handcent Next SMS:

Rating: 4.3/5
Price : Free
Downloads: 1M+

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is the beautiful next generation private text messaging app with the feature to sync and send messages from multiple devices like tablets, phones and web. 

This text messaging app provides highly SMS customizable features with tons of themes, emoji, spam blocking, delayed SMS sending and more.

This app is completely free to send standard SMS and to have features to send messages across devices you can either select the monthly plan of 0.99$ or lifetime plan of 10.99$.


  • Cross platform text messaging support.
  • Artificial Intelligence based customized replies based on contacts and messages.
  • Option to Block spammers.
  • Delayed SMS sending feature which helps in cancelling or deleting the SMS.


  • Paid subscription is required to access the Pulse SMS cross platform text messaging support.
  • Larger media file handling support can be improved.

Pulse SMS app screenshots

App details and download

Pulse SMS:

Rating: 4.4/5
Price : Free
Downloads: 1M+

Google Messages


Google messages is an official and free text messaging app for Android developed by Google. It uses the material design with light and dark mode theme options with basic decent search, backup and text messaging features. Like other SMS applications, Google messenger also giving the option to send text via web.


  • Clean UI with decent messaging features like backup, message archiving, search messages and text messaging.
  • Dark and light theme availability.
  • Text from Web feature.


  • Message organizing is not as good as Microsoft SMS organizer.
  • No text scheduling option like other SMS apps.

Google Messages app screenshots

App details and download

Google Messages:

Rating: 4.5/5
Price : Free
Downloads: 1B+

Signal Private Messenger

Signal private messenger is not just the text messaging application but its also like online chat applications like WhatsApp, FB messenger. Best feature about this app is it works on phone number based mechanism and if the contact doesn’t have Signal installed then the message would be sent as normal text message. This feature made Signal placed in our list of best text messaging apps for Android.


  • Privacy and security is top concern.
  • Seamlessly working as online chat application as well text messaging app for Android.
  • Clean UI and design


  • No categorization of messages like SMS organizer.
  • Offering basic messaging features like Google messages but not added features in terms of messaging app.

Signal Private Messenger app screenshots

App details and download

Signal Private Messenger:

Rating: 4.5/5
Price : Free
Downloads: 50M+

Choose which text messaging app is for you:

Here is the quick feature showcase of messaging apps which will help you to choose the one from our list of best text messaging apps for Android.

Text messaging Application Choose which one suits you
Microsoft SMS organizerThis text messaging app is for you if you are looking for best SMS organizing with clean UI. It provides clean segregation of messages with enhanced security.
Handcent Next SMSThis text messaging app is for you if you are looking for emoji, stickers, private chat box and option to sent text from PC.
Pulse SMSThis is suitable for you if you are looking for sending sync messages from any devices like phone, tablet and web(but needs subscription).
Google messages Clean text messaging app with clear UI and decent messaging features.
Signal private messenger This messaging app is for who is privacy concerned and provide feature to use as online chat app as well standard text messaging application for Android.

Which is the best text messaging app for Android?

Hope you liked our list of best text messaging apps for Android. Its time to choose the best SMS app out of the list. 

By comparing pros and cons and considering the features like customization and SMS organizing features, security, user experience, reliability its obvious that Microsoft SMS organizer is the best SMS app for Android.

Let us know in comments about your experience about SMS organizer and also let us know if you came across any other best text messaging app for Android.


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