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Last updated : September 23, 2020

Word games are one of the best and light weight entertainment to your brain.

This doesn’t include much graphics, heavy musics, no gun shooting, no rage car driving but trust me fun is always guaranteed.

I know you folks also know that very well. That’s why you are here.

Just two questions to you before we dig in:

  1. Are you looking out for the best word games for Android? Then, don’t worry. We have made a handpicked list of 11 best word games for Android free download to your phone.
  2. Why do you like Word games? This you have to let me know in comments!

Let’s explore through the list of word games!

List of Best word games for android:

To choose out the best word games for your android we have personally played and experimented many word games and presenting you the list of 11 best word games that helps you to increase your word strength with utmost fun.

Wordster – Offline Scramble Words Friends Game

Wordster - best offline Scrabble games for Android

Wordster is one of the top pick offline Scrabble word game developed by Gamesters. You will be playing with your system as the opponent for the better experience. If making crossword and playing scrabble is your interest then this will be definitely a top pick for you.

  • Rating : 4.4/5
  • Price : Free
  • Size : 23MB
  • Downloads: 10k+

Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo- best offline Scrabble games for Android

It is one the best Scrabble game with very less flaws for the offline Scrabble game lovers. Classic word Solo offers many cool features along with multi language and multi difficulty level support. With less eye catching graphics, it really focused on what it has to deliver.

  • Rating : 4.7/5
  • Price : Free/Rs.380
  • Size : Varies with Device
  • Downloads : 5000k+

Word Master

Word master- best offline Scrabble games for Android

Wordmaster is another best variation of offline Scrabble game in our list with the package of powerful customization and difficulty levels. It follows the usual rule of Scrabble game with your own rules of customization to add more personalized experience. Even with more customization, wordmaster didn’t complicate the graphics of the game.

  • Rating : 4.5/5
  • Price : Free/Rs.150
  • Size : 23MB
  • Downloads : 100k+

CrossCraze FREE – classic word game

CrossCraze FREE - best offline Scrabble games for Android

CrossCraze is an free classic Scrabble themed word game developed by ORT software. Unlike other games, its never lacked with customization options and also graphics are not heavy weight. For Scrabble lovers who loves best look and feel, this game would be a definite choice.

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Price : Free/Rs.370
  • Size : 22MB
  • Downloads: 500k+

Wordmeister – Offline Solo Words Friends Game

Wordmeister - best offline Scrabble games for Android

Wordmeister is an next best offline Scrabble game in our list. It offers the cool playing features to play Scrabble in offline against computer as the opponent. Other than this it’s follows the normal rules of Scrabble game. If you looking for the Scrabble game with some cool feature like themes and playing as different characters in offline, then it’s one of our recommend option.

  • Rating : 4/5
  • Price : Free
  • Size : 47MB
  • Downloads : 100k+


Scrabble - free online word games for Android

Scrabble is one of our top most pick in the best multiplayer word games for Android. It is developed by the most popular company called Electronic Arts who developed the massive games like NFS, FIFA, Real racing and much more. Unlike other word games, its not just finding the hidden words from the puzzle or clue.

  • Rating : 3.9/5
  • Price : Free
  • Size : 52MB
  • Downloads: 10000k+


Wordfued - free online word games for Android

Wordfued is the multiplayer online Scrabble game where you can play with your friends or random opponents. Its similar to Scrabble game in place of rules of playing. This game gives you option to chat the online players while playing. If you’re bored of traditional Scrabble board style, you will be given with the choice to customize it.

  • Rating : 4.2/5
  • Price : Free/Rs.399
  • Size : Varies with device
  • Downloads: 10000k+

Word Search Game : Word Search 2020 Free

Word search- free online word games for Android

Word search is one of the best addictive word game to play for an hours. Unlike other Scrabble, it doesn’t have much rules to play, it simple and straight forward. There will be scattered words in the board and you will be given with the set of words to find. As soon as you find the given words from the hidden letters, you will be rewarded with the points based on the time you spent. If you are struck somewhere to find the word, you can use the hint option to find the starting letter of the word in the board.

  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Price : Free
  • Size : 10MB
  • Downloads: 100k+


Ruzzle - free online word games for Android

Ruzzle is the most fun and addictive online word game played over in 145 countries over 14 languages. Players will be given with the board of letters. Swipe across the words in any directions and form a word. Tiles are notated with different bonus values such as DL – Double letter score,TL – Triple letter score,DW-Double word score,TW-Triple word score to get more points. Matches will be played in three rounds with each round for two minutes. Highest score player will be declared as winner at end of third level.

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Price : Free/Rs.420
  • Size : Varies with device
  • Downloads: 10000k+


Letterpress - free online word games for Android

Letterpress is addictive and most interesting word game developed by Solebon LLC. Its an award winning word game in Apple and finally arrived in Android as well. If you are the hardcore word game player, then definitely this game is for you.

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Price : Free
  • Size : 10MB
  • Downloads: 10k+

Word collect – Free word games

Word collect - free online word games for Android

Word collect is an addictive word game. It initially make the player to feel comfortable by giving out easy words it complexity and excitement increase as and when the level increases. Player will be given with the jumbled letters from which the hidden letters are to be found. Swipe over the words in any direction to find the hidden treasure.

Rating: 4.8/5
Price : Free
Size : 46 MB
Downloads: 1000k+

Hope you liked our list of best word games. Please let us know in comments if you have came across other word games other than list, we are happy to include. Thanks for reading.

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