7 free online word games for Android in 2023

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Last updated : January 3, 2023

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Either its past, present or future Word games never gives out its popularity.

Nowadays folks are interested to play word games with multiplayer in online.

As the number of Android users increased, there are millions of free online word games for android available in play store today. 

To give out the best multiplayer online word game for our Android visitors, we have personally experimented and handpicked the list of free online word games for android.

Its time to dig in.

List of free online word games for Android:

Here are the list of free online word games for Android:


Scrabble is one of our top most pick in the best multiplayer word games for Android.

It is developed by the most popular company called Electronic Arts who developed the massive games like NFS, FIFA, Real racing and much more.

Unlike other word games, its not just finding the hidden words from the puzzle or clue.

In our other article best offline Scrabble games for Android, we have clearly explained what is Scrabble and its rules to play and much more.


  • Play online with Random guests,Facebook friends as multiplayer game.
  • Play with computer as the opponent to increase your skills.
  • Its available in 6 Languages: English,French,Spanish,Italian,German,Portuguese.
  • Unlike other word games, its more fun to play with the concept of classic scrabble game principles.
  • Graphics are good enough and light weight.
  • Its good that you can play multiple games simultaneously.
  • Three different board layouts and tile styles : Modern,Classic and Legacy.


  • Sometimes games is bit slow in loading upon connecting online.
  • Contain ads.


Scrabble details & Download:

Scrabble - free online word games for Android

Scrabble Rating:
Rating : 3.9/5
Price : Free
Size : 52MB
Downloads: 10000k+


Wordfued is the multiplayer online Scrabble game where you can play with your friends or random opponents. Its free online word games like scrabble in game rules.

This game gives you option to chat the online players while playing. If you’re bored of traditional Scrabble board style, you will be given with the choice to customize it.


  • Play up to 30 games simultaneously.
  • Available in ten languages : English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish,and Finnish.
  • You are allowed to start the game with  6 different options: FB friend,Wordfued friend,From your phone contact,Random opponents,Find the player using their email or username, Join the tournament.
  • You can even chat with the opponents. 
  • You will the notification whenever your friend make a move. So no need to wait until your opponent makes a move.


  • Contain many Ads. But it can be removed with paid version.


Wordfued app details & Download:

Wordfued - free online word games for Android

Wordfued Rating:
Rating : 4.2/5
Price : Free/Rs.399
Size : Varies with device
Downloads: 10000k+

Video overview of Wordfued by Softwarebottle:

Word Search Game : Word Search 2020 Free

Word search is one of the best addictive popular word game to play for an hours. Unlike other Scrabble, it doesn’t have much rules to play, it simple and straight forward.

There will be scattered words in the board and you will be given with the set of words to find.

As soon as you find the given words from the hidden letters, you will be rewarded with the points based on the time you spent. If you are struck somewhere to find the word, you can use the hint option to find the starting letter of the word in the board.


  • Very simple and elegant graphics and design.
  • You can select the category from which the words are to be played. For example : categories like Animals,Colours,Shapes,Vegetables,Fruits.
  • You can setup the different theme colour from available list.
  • You can play a challenge mode which is time constrained level.
  • You can play with the random opponents from online.


  • Contains Ads.
  • You don’t have option to play with FB friends. Only random opponent option is available. 
  • Sometimes it taking much time to select the opponent in online mode.


Word search App details & Download:

Word search- free online word games for Android

Word search Rating:
Rating: 3.9/5
Price : Free
Size : 10MB
Downloads: 100k+


Letterpress is addictive and most interesting best online word game developed by Solebon LLC.

Its an award winning word game in Apple and finally arrived in Android as well. If you are the hardcore word game player, then definitely this game is for you.

How to play Letterpress:

  • Players will be given with the 5*5 board of scrambled letters tiles.
  • Create the words from the board and click on Submit button.
  • Words which are created from the tiles will be captured by the player and provided with colour.
  • Words played cannot be used again, word should at least have two letters, No proper nouns are allowed, Words created should be available in dictionary of Letterpress. 
  • Game ends when all the tiles are captured and coloured or when players pass their turn in the round.
  • Players with more tiles will be the winner of the game.


  • Fun and addictive with the different game rules.
  • Graphics is lightweight and smooth.
  • You can create a new game with random opponent or favorite player or with Bots.
  • You can play multiple games simultaneously and will be notified once the opponent make a move.


  • Contain Ads.
  • No option to connect and play with facebook friends.


Letterpress App details & download:

Letterpress - free online word games for Android

Letterpress Rating:
Rating: 4.7/5
Price : Free
Size : 10MB
Downloads: 10k+


Ruzzle is the most fun and addictive online word game played over in 145 countries over 14 languages.

Players will be given with the board of letters. Swipe across the words in any directions and form a word.

Tiles are notated with different bonus values such as DL – Double letter score,TL – Triple letter score,DW-Double word score,TW-Triple word score to get more points.

Matches will be played in three rounds with each round for two minutes. Highest score player will be declared as winner at end of third level.


  • Game rule is addictive and challenging.
  • Match can be played across Random opponents,previous opponents,Ruzzle friends,Facebook friends.
  • Practice mode is available to get trained.
  • Available in 14 languages.


  • Contain Ads. But can be removed with paid version.


Ruzzle app details & download:

Ruzzle - free online word games for Android

Ruzzle Rating:
Rating: 4.4/5
Price : Free/Rs.420
Size : Varies with device
Downloads: 10000k+

Word collect - Free word games:

Word collect is an addctive word game. It initially make the player to feel comfortable by giving out easy words it complexity and excitment increase as and when the level increases.

Player will be given with the jumbled letters from which the hidden letters are to be found. Swipe over the words in any direction to find the hidden treasure.

How to play?

  • Swipe over the jumbled words in any direction and find out as many words as possible.
  • Upon proper discovery words will be filled up over the boxes. Words will starred words gives out extra bonus.
  • In case of trapped situations, you can use hint option to find the clue.


  • 900+ available rounds with 500 free coins at first game.
  • Offline and online mode of game is available.
  • Available Languages – English and Spanish.


  • Contain ads.


Word collect app details & download:

Word collect - free online word games for Android

Word collect Rating:
Rating: 4.8/5
Price : Free
Size : MB
Downloads: 1000k+

Bookworm classic

Bookworm classic is the free online word game in which you need to connect letters to form words. As and when the words are formed, it will be removed from the board. You will get more points as the longer words are formed. This word puzzle game can be played in online and online mode.


  • More than 347000 words available in this word puzzle game.
  • Option to shuffle the words and hammer the letters.
  • This is perfectly suitable word games for adults and kids.


  • Contain ads.

Bookworm Game screenshots

Bookworm classic game details and download:

Final words on free online word games for Android:

Hope you guys would have found the best and free online word games for Android from our list of word games. All these are suitable word games for adult and kids to improve the puzzle solving skills and helps in learning more words. We have made our best to serve you better. Please let us know which game you liked in our list and also if we have missed any best game in comments. Happy gaming!!!

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