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How to setup live wallpaper on android


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Today we are going to see how to setup live wallpaper on android which really makes your wallpaper interesting with animated, dynamically moving objects on screen to which you can interact.

We all are using the static image wallpapers as background of your home screen and lock screen. But won’t you feel bored?

How about the wallpaper that dynamically creates pattern on screen when you move your fingers or the live weather wallpaper apps that shows weather info on screen and changes along with time of the day. Yeah, that would be cool right? So, here the solution – live wallpaper.

In brief, in this article we are going to see:

  • How to find and Install live wallpaper on android?
  • How to setup the live wallpaper on android?

How to find and Install live wallpaper on android?

There are many ways you can find the live wallpapers. You can use the pre installed live wallpaper that comes with Android or you can find the best live wallpaper apps on Google Play Store or even there are some that provides you the option to setup custom live wallpaper.

Steps to setup pre-installed live wallpaper on android

  • Go to home screen.
  • Tap and hold on the screen empty space for few moment.
  • Menu will be popped up and then select wallpapers.
  • In the wallpaper option, select the pre-installed live wallpaper and click on set wallpaper. Thats it. You are all set.

How to setup live wallpaper on android?

  • Open Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Search for live wallpapers and install the one which you like.
  • Go to settings of your android phone.
  • Select Display, then Wallpaper.
  • Select Live wallpapers.
  • Choose the live wallpaper app installed from Google Play Store.
  • Select set wallpaper.
  • Option will be prompted to ask ‘Home screen’ or ‘Home and Lock screen’.
  • Select the required option and your live wallpaper is set.

Video tutorial – How to setup live wallpaper on android

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