Instagram rolled out an update to send and receive messages on web


Instagram is one of most popular photo and video sharing application owned by Facebook. It’s not just the application for normal users, it is used by many digital marketers, entrepreneurs to promote and run their business online. So, ideally they will getting hundreds of messages per day. Even the normal users use Insta chat to send the videos, photos to their friends.

But the disadvantage till date is no web version of Instagram direct message was available. Hence the users were using the mobile to use DM feature of Instagram. It obviously put extra effort to handle messages in small screen. To overcome this, Instagram has recently rolled over the web DM feature which enables users to message, share photos and videos over web version in desktop.

On Jan,2020 Instagram tweeted in its official account “DMs, but make them desktop. We’re currently testing Direct messaging on the web, so you can read and reply to your messages from wherever you are”.

On the recent Friday tweet “Sliding into your DM”, Instagram has confirmed the web features of DM. Even though it’s a web version no limitations are imposed. You are free to send messages, photos, videos and even emoticons as same as in mobile app.

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Gokul Kumar

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