iPhone SE2/iphone 9 started mass production as the launch date nears

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Last updated : April 7, 2020

iPhone has started the mass production of its low cost model iphone 9/iphone SE2. It is creating the expectations that the phone will be launched soon in any time.

As per tweet from Jon Prosser(vlogger with decent track records) stated that “iphone 9 has just entered mass production”. It indicates that iphones has finished all its development and final validations and now in the phase of mass production to align with release in anytime soon.

It was planned to launch the iPhone 9 in late March but got delayed due to Corona virus outbreak as per the report from DigiTimes says. Also, Taiwanese publication DigiTimes states that a “new LCD iPhone” has reached the final phase of verification at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in China. This report data aligns with the recent tweet from Jon Prosser about the mass production which confirms the imminent launch of iphone 9

At this point, no one is sure of launch date of iphone 9/iphone SE2. But to speed up the process of production, Apple is working with BYD in China for logistics.

iPhone 9/iphone SE2 specs and pricing:

The specs of iphone 9/iphone SE2 is expected to use the A13 Bionic chip which is iphone 11 processor family along with NFC scanning as per 9to5Mac reports. And it’s notable that A14 Bionic chipset is expected to debut on September. If the iPhone 9 launch gets delayed till Q2, then it makes the iPhone 9 reach customers with outdated chipset. This might be the reason Apple would have started its mass development to launch in near future.

It is expected to have a two variants in iphone 9. One is with 64GB with the expected price of $399 and other with 128GB of $449. As mentioned above, these models would be launched with A13 Bionic chipset, iOS 13.4 with the screen size of 4.7 inch LCD display. Also the rumours are spreading across that iphone 9 plus is also planned with 5.5 inch display with the expected price range of $499. But it is not clear whether it will launched along with iphone 9 or in later date.

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