Is there an iPhone 13 getting release this year


We all have one question in mind, is there an iPhone 13 getting released this year? The iPhone 13 is currently planned to release later this 2021. But currently iPhone 13 is expected to arrive with three major improvements.

  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Charging port removal
  • Foldable screen

In-display fingerprint scanner:

Starting from iPhone X(except iPhone SE 2020) all the other phones are came without fingerprint sensor. They all used facial recognition as the biometric authentication. But this doesn’t seems to work as fulfilled solution due to pandemic situation too. iPhone is not able to recognize people wearing mask. Either pull down your mask or enter pin to unlock your iPhone.

So now in iPhone 13, its decided to integrate In-display fingerprint sensor as biometric authentication method along with facial recognition.

Charging port removal:

As the iPhone already offering wireless charging in most of existing models, its expecting the charger port will be removed from iPhone 13 to promote wireless charging.

Foldable screen:

Some sources indicates that iPhone is working on foldable screens and had already developed a prototype for internal testing. However there is no official confirmation from Apple on the foldable screens.

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