What is Windows defender and what does it do?

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Last updated : March 20, 2020

Windows defender is an anti-virus or anti-malware software keeps our computer safe from virus,malware and other internet threats. To answer the question, what does windows defender do? It provides protection against malware by providing following features.

  • Real time protection against Virus, Malware.
  • Spyware protection
  • Prevention against Internet threats
  • Ransomware protection
  • Family options for managing children’s online activity
  • Cloud delivered protection

Windows defender smartscreen is cloud based protection embedded in most of the Microsoft products like Outlook, Internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows 8 and Windows 10 to protect Windows against Phishing pages, harmful files and malware.

Real time protection:

Is the question raised in your mind “Does Windows defender have real time protection”? Absolutely yes. Its is one of primary and major feature of Windows defender to protect your computer against virus,malware,Spywares and other internet threats in real time.

There can be various sources of virus can enter into your computer to break the security of system. Some of them are downloading the cracked files from unknown sources, transmitted through removable disk like USBs,CDs,DVDs or through some spam emails and many others.

There is no need that all these virus or malware needs to run at the time of install or downloads only. It can be programmed to run at some specific times where we are unaware of its activity.

To prevent such misleading actions, What does Windows defender do is it uses its real time protection feature to check whether any software trying to install them by itself or it trying to change any system related files or any unexpected actions been performed.

In such cases Windows defender itself quarantine most of these viruses and also it notifies the user about the malware information and potential risks. In some cases, Windows defender asks your permission for further action on the risky malware.

Its always important to keep your Windows defender update to date to prevent from the modern malware spreads in the internet world today.

Make a note that Windows defender will gets automatically inactive in cases where the third party antivirus been installed.

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Spyware protection:

What is Spyware? Spywares are the malicious programs which are been executed on the end user computer in order to gain the personal information of the user without his/her knowledge.

There are different types of Spywares in existence such as Mobile spywares, Trojans, Adware, Key loggers. These all are designed specifically to spy over the user information and steal them of some purposes.

Windows defender is designed to protect your computer from such kind of harmful spywares program. As well already discussed about the real time protection, Windows defender scans for these kind spywares in real time for better security.

Ransomware protection:

Similar to Spyware Ransomware is also an kind of virus or malicious program which can take over the control of user system without their knowledge.

But to get access to their system, user will be demanded for the ransom in return.

To avoid such kind of mischievous situation, Windows defender provides the ransomware protection with various option such as controlled folder access, data recovery from one drive upon ransomware attack.

Windows defender Ransomware protection - Softwarebottle

Cloud delivered protection:

This is one of advanced features provided by Windows defender to protect against the malware.

As we know there are many new virus been created in today world. Through this cloud delivered protection what does Windows defender do is it blocks such kind of new malware which has never seen before and send request the cloud delivered protection developed by Microsoft for further analysis.

Then the cloud delivered protection service analyze the meta data and gives out the further result about the reported file.

In case if its takes time for the cloud delivered protection service to gives out the result, Windows defender blocks the file from running by giving out the immediate protection.

Along with cloud delivered protection feature Automatic sample submission feature should be enabled to make Windows defender to send sample to cloud automatically instead of asking user for every time.

Windows defender provides you the option to submit the samples manually to cloud protection service to analyze the potential risks.

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Family options for managing children’s online activity:

Nowadays kids are the one who are using mobiles phones, laptops and computers for long time compared to parents in the home.

But there are times where they don’t the risks involved while surfing internet, playing online games and even health issues because of using system for long time.

So, to give out the control to parents how their kids should use the computer Windows defender comes out with an option called Family options.

Windows defender family options - Softwarebottle

Features of Family options provided by Windows defender:

  • Make the kids safer online by setting family options in their devices to monitor the online activity.
  • Screen limit time setup to limit the usage of devices.
  • Content filtering to show contents appropriate to their age.
  • Restrict online spends done by kids.
  • Microsoft launcher helps you out to keep track of your kids location and app usage in Android.

Windows defender has provided almost all the better features to protect against the malware and virus. But, does Windows defender protect against malware, virus and modern internet threats? We have discussed this in details with the AV test and comparison report. Get to know with the practical report and decide. Thanks for reading.

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